How to choose the right Builder

Building your dream home is an exciting and monumental undertaking. However, selecting the right builder can be a challenging task. With so many builders out there, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options and make the right choice. A weighted decision matrix is a tool that can help you objectively evaluate each builder’s […]

Essential Custom Home Building Guide

Building a custom home is rewarding and delivers a home tailored to your location and needs. Starting from a blank page can be more daunting than working with an existing dwelling, but this custom home building guide steps you through what you need to know. The more knowledgeable you are at the beginning of this […]

What is a cost plus contract?

If your Builder is offering a cost-plus contract, you might be wondering what that is and have a few questions. We break this down so you can enter contract negotiations confidently. A cost-plus contract charges actual construction costs plus a predetermined percentage or fixed fee, hence the name ‘Cost Plus’. These contracts intend to reimburse […]

What is a Master Builder?

You’ve heard the term Master Builder, but what does it mean? Dictionary definition – ‘a person notably proficient in the art of building’   A Master Builder is a member of the National or relevant State Master Builders Association. This organisation represents builders who complete work to the highest quality, are appropriately licensed and comply […]

June 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to our revamped website! We hope to keep you updated with the latest from our team, our builds and the local Southern Highlands Building industry with our quarterly newsletter. I hope you have enjoyed browsing our new layout and content, until next time. – Gabrielle What’s New We’ve been working with the talented team […]

Do I need a project manager for my custom home build?

Do I need a project manager for my new home or renovation project? Custom residential construction projects are by nature complex and often involve multiple stakeholders. We don’t think anyone can deny that our lives frequently get busier and busier; more demands are placed on us in this modern day with just the run-of-the-mill life […]

What do I need to know about renovating old homes?

Wondering what you need to know about renovating old homes? Embarking on a renovation is both exciting and daunting. Renovating an old house can be particularly worrisome without adequate preparation and research. In this article, we will explore valuable information when renovating an old house from the experience of a building company that frequently completes […]

What to expect from your Southern Highlands new home builder

Custom home builders should be Master Builders NSW or HIA members. They would use standard Master Builders or HIA contracts with a transparent construction estimate. All provisional sums, prime cost items and exclusions must be listed. The builder’s license number and member numbers should be clearly displayed and produce workers’ compensation, public liability, contract works […]